Your business applications integrated into Voice Management

Unique customer experience

Create a unique customer experience by tying in your business applications with Axialys’s Voice Management. It only takes a few clicks

Managing customer relations can be a strategic challenge for companies faced with growing consumer instability.

Voice Management is an essential tool for any company wanting to maximise its call center activity and provide customer satisfaction.

The package provides significant flexibility: it seamlessly integrates with existing business applications providing a 360° customer view.

Integrating telephone systems and business applications increases your operators’ productivity. It enables them to focus on their work and perform better.

A bespoke package

A bespoke package that incorporates your business applications so you can consolidate call center management

Connecting Axialys’s Voice Management system with marketplace business applications (CRM, ERP…) is child’s play. Configuration is quick and easy. Client information from different sources can easily be brought together into one API.

The integrated operator panel allows you to deal with customers’ queries quickly and to update your databases.

A fully integrated system improves the customer’s experience

A fully integrated system

Personalised interactions

During a call the contact’s history is displayed on the business software interface. Operators have immediate access to useful client information and can provide a personalised, relevant response. This is high quality customer service.

Customer knowledge

Maximising customer knowledge

Integrating services allows an overall view of the customer’s journey so that there is full follow up and a focus on quality when dealing with customers’ queries.

Providing the accuracy your organisation needs and transforming how people use your service.

Maximise your operators' performance

Optimal work results from your operators

A unified working environment and automating tasks such as creating tickets gives operators complete control over the call center’s parameters. It is all just a click away!

Increase productivity

Increased productivity

Use the readily available full statistics reports to increase your operators’ productivity and improve customer satisfaction by using fully integrated business tools.

Find out how to integrate Voice Management with Zendesk

Do you use Zendesk?

Find out how to integrate Voice Management with Zendesk so that you can fully track your relationships with customers and manage interactions optimally.

Zendesk/Voice Management integration provides your operators with a range of functions:

  • Displaying the operator tool bar and ticket pop-up for incoming calls
  • Automatic ticket generation if the caller is not known
  • Call history
  • Click-to-call
  • Axialys App on Zendesk Marketplace

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