Transferring your numbers

Keep your numbers with uninterrupted service

Transferring your numbers is simple, you don’t need to do anything!

How transferring your numbers works:

Transferring your numbers is free

How can landline numbers be transferred?

What is the transferring service?

Since 2003, landline telephone numbers can be kept. This is because the customer has a right to keep his/her number in case of a change of operator.

For geographic numbers (01, 02, 03, 04, 05), a transfer is possible insofar as it concerns the same geographical area with the same dialling code. So a number associated with the Paris area cannot kept if a company moves away from Paris.

For non-geographic landline numbers (numbers beginning with 09 or special rate numbers starting with 08), there is no such restriction.

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How can my numbers be transferred to Axialys?

How my numbers can be transferred

You don’t need to do anything!

After contacting our sales department, your dedicated adviser will send you a document to complete and return: the transfer authorisation. This document will allow us to terminate your contract with your current operator and have your numbers transferred to Axialys.

Depending on the situation, you will also need to provide:

  • in the case of a combined transfer (excluding special numbers): the Operator Identity Number, available from your current operator.
  • in other cases (transfer of multiple numbers or special numbers): a recent invoice, or any document from your current operator attesting that you are the holder of the number(s) to be transferred.

A transfer operation can be performed on an active service (the request for the transfer will then include a request for cancellation, with the donor operator) or up to 40 days after the cancellation of the service by the customer.

A transfer is planned for a specific time slot (between 8am – midday/2pm – 5pm), within a minimum period of 15 days. The operation is usually carried out without any disruption to routing calls, subject to good co-operation between the operators concerned.

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What should I be aware of?

Things to be aware of

Transferring a number is both a technical and a contractual operation.

The legislative framework does not allow a donor operator to refuse a transfer except in a limited number of specific cases. Specifically, a commercial or contractual dispute cannot prevent a transfer.

Since a transfer leads to the termination of service with the donor operator, two points must be taken into account:

  • The right to transfer does not exclude the application of the contractual provisions applicable in the context of the service provided by the donor operator. More specifically, fees or penalties in the event of cancellation may be applied by the donor operator
  • the transfer of a line number results in the cancellation of all associated services, including for example an ADSL subscription, or DID numbers (if they are not also transferred) running on the same line.

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