Voice-messaging with message delivery by email

When a caller leaves a message in your voicemail box, you receive the message as an MP3 file by email.

Unified communications have led to an unprecedented multiplicity of voice exchanges.

This multiplicity is seen in particular through the use of different media and channels: social networks, telephone, video-conferencing, email etc.

Within this context, and as part of its Centrex solution, Axialys offers a voicemail-to-email service


Voicemail-to-email: Késako
This feature allows you to check voice messages left on your voicemail directly from your email inbox and to therefore reply to customer or other requests, no matter where you may be.


How does it work?
Voicemail-to-email works as follows: a correspondent tried to contact you and leaves a message on your voicemail: you receive the voice message in the form of an MP3 directly in your email inbox. You can therefore be made aware and informed immediately of voice messages from your contact.


What are the benefits?
There are numerous benefits offered by this feature. Firstly, in terms of mobility. Whether you’re travelling at home or abroad, this tool lets you consult your voice messages via email no matter where you might be or what device may be connected. Furthermore, because the file is in MP3 format, it is relatively easy for you to send this message to colleagues so they can also hear it. Finally, in terms of productivity, this tool also facilitates certain tasks: having the voice message with easy reach avoids needing to consult your voicemail and saves time, given that consulting an email is quicker than consulting a voicemail system.

The voicemail-to-email feature (in addition to the other high-value-added features of our Centrex service) offers your organisation a real advantage.

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