Telephone monitoring


Operator console management

Configure your lines with an end-user interface.

You can benefit from an administrator & end-user management interface, as well as Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

This feature enables you to see whether your colleagues’ lines are busy in real time.

complete overview

A complete status overview of all company telephones
Telephone monitoring allows for a quick overview of the status of every company telephone.

Depending on the brand of your telephone and extension, it is possible to save all numbers in the company, service or group in which the telephone is located and to see the status of all lines.

Different signals show the status of a given telephone:

  • The line can free,
  • The line can be busy,
  • The line can be unavailable.

Each status is represented by a different colour—green, orange or red—so that you can tell with a glance whether your colleagues are available or not. These different statuses are particularly useful if the person in charge of receiving calls wants to let the caller know if they will have to wait or will have the option of leaving a message, all depending on the current status of the receiver.

simplified relationships

Simplified internal and external relations
These different statuses for allow a better use of the network as well as improved relationships with your external or internal contacts. This feature is especially useful for the switchboard operator, as the person in charge of receiving external calls can see at a glance whether they can transfer the call (link to the transfer function). This allows them not to transfer calls that will not be answered and to take messages on behalf of the person concerned, thereby limiting dropped calls from customers or prospective customers.

Don’t leave your contacts waiting unnecessarily—update them on the situation immediately!

Check the status of your network at a glance thanks to the different colours!

The telephones and extensions provided by Axialys allow for fast and user-friendly management of your entire telephone fleet!

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