Your voicemail messages in text form

The new SpeechToText functionality is an alternative to listening to voicemail messages

Speech-to-text: Receive your voicemail messages instantly in text form

Realtime voice recognition

Speech-to-text is an ingenious and ambitious system providing users with automatic speech to text transcriptions of their voicemail messages. Still in its infancy with most with operators

How it works

How does Speech-to-text function?

A simple and extremely efficient functionality

This very simple solution enables users to receive the content of textually transcribed voicemail messages by email. It has proved very practical in situations where access to the telephone voicemail inbox is more difficult than reading emails

Incentives and advantages

What incentives and advantages?

Instantaneous, automatic messages in your email inbox.

At a meeting? Travelling without earphones handy or still at a meeting? No longer any need to dial the number of your messaging system to hear your voicemail messages. You will instantly receive your transcribed voicemail messages in text form in your email inbox and you can read them with discreet simplicity. The service is ingenious and is run using speech synthesis software.

stored messages

Simpler message storage system

Another advantage is that Speech-to-text facilitates message filing

The recovery of messages from conventional voice messaging system can be long and tedious. You have to listen to all your messages in sequence, whether important or not, until you find the message you seek. By virtue of this, access to voicemail via email offers greater flexibility. Your transcribed messages are available on line on your PC, mobile phone or tablet. This means that Speech-to-text gives you the opportunity of classifying your messages as per your system of message prioritization thus allowing you to find them more easily in your email inbox.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Transparent integration with no additional cost

The Speech-to-text functionality is fully integrated in Axialys VoIP all-inclusive prices and available free of charge for all Axialys Centrex users.

All you now have to do is to take advantage of the flexibility and freedom it offers!

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