Simultaneous calls

Simultaneous calls

Manage several calls at once

In communication? Your station is not engaged and you continue to receive other calls

Since the early 2000s, the arrival of unified communications has led to an unprecedented multiplicity of exchanges.

Despite the emergence of new means of communication (social networks, email, SMS), the telephone remains the favoured point of contact for businesses

It is therefore necessary to put in place highly effective systems to improve your teams’ performance and to not miss any incoming calls

Simultaneous calls

Simultaneous calls: how does it work?
Axialys puts in place a simultaneous-call management system for better incomeing and outgoing call management. Lets take a look out how simultaneous calls work.

Within the scope of our Centrex VoIP service, you have the option (depending on your needs) to increase the number of simultaneous calls per account. Once the number of simultaneous calls per account has been set, the simultaneous-calls feature works as follows: a landline telephone receives the first call, and then another. A this stage, two options are possible. Either the operator decides to send the call to an interactive voice response, designed to make the the client wait, or take the new call in order to handle it. In either case, thanks to this technology, the number of missed calls is reduced considerably, or even disappears!

To ensure that the simultaneous-calls technology works in a optimal manner within your business, here are a few recommendations. Firstly, it is necessary to take into account your telephone line’s bandwidth. Indeed, bandwidth is by definition the maximum bit rate of a communication channel: within the context of telephone systems, this is the tool that therefore lets you carry your telephone communications. The higher the bandwidth, the easier it will be to take simultaneous calls.

In order to determine your bandwidth and for further details on simultaneous-call technology, please contact our technical and sales team online or by phone.
They will be delighted to answer any questions you may have!

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