Recording calls

Recording calls

Recording conversations

The management interface gives you the possibility of accessing the recordings of your employee calls.

Call-recordings, part of a very precise legal framework, let you significantly improve the service offered by a business

Indeed, recording calls between operators and clients offers a significant advantage in numerous areas: legal proof in the case of disputes and in-depth knowledge of your customers.


From a legal point of view
To ensure that recording a call is authorised, the fact that the call is being recorded must be stated clearly and precisely (from the start of the conversation). If the caller does not agree, the option of hanging up must be offered. Of course, some parts of the telephone conversation are not recorded during the call, notably in the event that bank details are communicated. The call-recorder feature works in the following way: so that conversations can be transmitted via the internet, the Centrex software converts the voice from an analogue signal to a digital signal. It is therefore very simple to record your business’s conversations.


Call-recording: how can you use this to you advantage?
Firstly, in the case of disputes: recording a telephone call can serve as legal evidence in potential conflicts (even if one of the two parties can still contest the authenticity of the recording). Furthermore, call-recording also allows you to assess, train and ensure the quality of your operators’ telephone manner. For example, if you have launched a new product while preparing a sales pitch for your teams, but no sale is made, using recordings offers a significant advantage in improving your telephone calls. Indeed, this lets you understand why the pitch isn’t working and helps to improve it for your next sales calls.


An entirely configurable feature for recording calls
Recording telephone calls can be configured according to your needs. The time, date and regularity can be configured in order to respond as precisely as possible to your requests!

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