Number blocking

Number blocking

Number-blocking management (08 etc., or numbers with call rates not covered in the subscription package)

Block certain numbers based on numeric criteria (“08” for example) or where the call rates charged are not covered by the subscribed package.

Within just a few decades, telephony has exploded.

Although this globalisation offers numerous advantages, it is not however free from disadvantages.

Indeed, between calls to premium-rate numbers, unwanted numbers or even calls to expensive destinations, businesses can very quickly find themselves with exorbitant bills. For this reason, Axialys offers a number-blocking service integrated into its VoIP Centrex package.

How does it work?

How does it work?
With our packages, it is entirely possible to restrict telephone use by managing outgoing calls in order to prevent employees inappropriately calling premium rate numbers, foreign countries or mobiles (if the company has a contract which restricts calls to mobiles). All number restrictions (configurable according to your needs) are therefore possible.

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What are the benefits?
Number-blocking offers numerous advantages: firstly from a financial point of view. Indeed, not picking up calls from unwanted sources avoids costs linked with over-billing on certain types of number or from certain geographical areas. This is significant when over-billing can often mean thousands of euros! Beyond a purely financial perspective, call-blocking also offers another not-insignificant advantage: supervision of employee calls. Indeed, if your employees use certain numbers for non-business-related purposes, it is entirely possible to block calls to these numbers. Removing these numbers therefore prevents staff from using numbers for personal reasons.

Integrated within our Centrex VoIP packages (which allow you to benefit from other innovative features such as speech-to-text or even fixed-mobile convergence etc.) call-blocking can help you to manage calls more effectively while making significant savings.

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