Hold music

Hold music

Ringtones and hold music

You can adjust your ringtone and hold music to stand out from the competition and boost your corporate image.

Classical, modern or traditional music?

You’ll need to think carefully about what to choose


What is the point of telephone hold music?
It is one of the first things people hear when they try to call your business. Pleasant hold music is a fantastic communication tool and brand image booster as well as a way to show customers and prospects your high-quality approach.

Hold music can entertain callers so they are less upset by having to wait. You can tailor your calls in several ways:

  • Initial message to instantly welcome and inform the caller
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to guide the caller, manage tree structure, service timetables, call cascades, etc.
  • Hold music while the caller waits for an agent

Benefits of hold music
Let’s consider how hold music works within your company phone system and its benefits. It has been shown that ringtones and hold music project a professional image.

You can choose to use the default hold music or pick your own. For example, you could include information about your business hours, products and services for customers to listen to as they wait. Having something to listen to makes the experience of waiting on hold more pleasant and significantly improves the mood of waiting callers. Finally, while the caller is listening to the track, the sales person can be quickly preparing what they are going to say when they answer to answer the customer’s question or deal with their request.

Hold music therefore represents a significant positive for your company customer services. This is especially important given that customer relations is now a major strategic challenge for businesses.

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