Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Telephone convergence

Don’t miss a single call by responding from your mobile phone or softphone to calls made to your landline, and visa versa.

At a time of unified communications, the vast number of exchanges on mobiles and online mean that businesses need effective tools that can be managed in a unified manner.

Your landline and mobile phone

A winning combination of your landline and mobile phone
The telephone is still the favoured means of contact when it comes to customer relations. The Fixed-Mobile Convergence tool offered by Axialys therefore allows you to intercept a greater number of calls and to reduce the number of missed calls.

How it works and the advantages

How fixed-mobile convergence works, and the advantages
Convergence works in such a way as to allow you to combine your landline and mobile phone with convergent ringing and a single message system.

For example, if you are travelling, a call to your landline can be directly re-directed to your mobile through simple, intuitive and rapid technology that integrates perfectly with your company’s communication system. This tool is therefore an advantage for two reasons:

  • Being contactable no matter where (while travelling at home or abroad, working remotely etc.): this enables you to significantly increase the quality of your customer service. This offers a not-insignificant competitive advantage when you consider the major strategic role that customer relations play for modern organisations. Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating for a client than the lack of a quick, precise response to a request. Fixed-Mobile Convergence therefore enables you to be present on all fronts!
  • Combining landline and mobile technology in a single service: the integration of Fixed-Mobile Convergence witin Centrex makes it possible to implement suitable packages that converge an organisation’s landline and mobile calls. This thereby ensures better management and mastery of telecommunications expenses. Indeed, costs are reduced as all your telephone communications are grouped into a single invoice.

Fixed-mobile convergence can therefore really allow you to optimise your business’s unified communications and to therefore make savings.

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