Fax to email

Fax to email

WebToFax and FaxToEmail

Receive your faxes by email in PDF format (FaxToEmail), and send your faxes directly from your PC (WebToFax)

With the advent of unified communications and the growth in the sending and receiving of messages and documents via the internet, there is now a need for businesses to have efficient, interconnected tools at their disposal.

The functionality provided by fax to email and web to fax is an integral part of this.

Though we are seeing a reduction in the use of faxes, it’s a technology that continues to play an important role within organisations. Nevertheless, and just like many other technologies, it needs to evolve.

How it works

How sending a fax from your PC/laptop works
When a customer or colleague/employee sends a fax using fax to email, it’s possible for you to retrieve it directly from your email inbox in PDF format.

The reverse is also possible: if a colleague/employee or prospect sends an email, it’s possible for you to retrieve it directly from your fax machine. Most importantly of all, this technology we provide integrates quickly, efficiently and seamlessly into your organisation.

Cost-free functionality

Cost-free functionality included by default in all our packages
What’s also interesting to note is that fax to email and web to fax are both integrated into Centrex. This means, therefore, that as part of your Axialys Centrex VoIP package, you get not only this functionality but also many other features too (such as mobile/fixed convergence, speech-to-text and call forwarding, interception and transfer, for example).

With Axialys having made customisation/personalisation one of its major VoIP telephony service selling points, it is now possible for you to use additional high value-added features that go beyond just fax to email and web to fax, and at no extra cost

This functionality thus enables you to make considerable time savings and at the same time have a Centrex package that’s fully suited to your needs and requirements.

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