Conference calls

Conference calls

Conference calls with up to 25 participants

With the Conference Call service you can invite up to 25 participants to join a call, no matter their location.

The world is increasingly on the move, meaning that we need effective tools to help us stay in contact.

Conference calls, teleconference, videoconference…

These are just some of the terms used to refer to this new way of communicating by phone which has become so key to businesses.


Conference calls have literally revolutionised the way we work.
Our approach has significantly changed thanks to New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTIC). We used to have to be physically present for team or business meetings but can now discuss matters in real time from thousands of kilometres away. Time and money are both saved. One reason for this is that staff no longer have to travel to the office.


Develop your international business
Conference calling can be a wonderful way to boost international development. Indeed, companies often use it to set up international prospecting campaigns.

no extra charge

Conference calling is included free of charge in all our packages
Axialys’ Centrex VoIP service is an innovative way to help you make the most of conference calling. As well as teleconferencing, this service provides other innovative functions including fixed-mobile convergence, call forwarding, call pickup and call transfer. Axialys is one of the few telecoms operators to allow such a high number of conference call participants free of charge on landline or mobile. Our service includes conference calls with up to 25 participants! We also provide a dedicated phone number and HD audio quality. This means our conference call model is suitable for any size of organisation from small businesses to major corporations.

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