Centrex for businesses, VSEs and SMEs

Centrex for VSEs/SMEs

Centrex for VSEs/SMEs

Cloud-based business telephony solutions offering more flexible pricing

Planned obsolescence of France's analogue telephone network

Planned obsolescence of France’s analogue telephone network
France’s incumbent operator, Orange, plans to phase out its public switched telephone network (PSTN) by 2021. This shutdown of the PSTN is a major revolution, as it will affect around 12 million telephone lines. So, by 2021, users will need to find an alternative solution and migrate towards the latest technologies if they wish to continue making and receiving phone calls. There are several solutions available, including Centrex for VSEs/ SMEs, which is a cloud-based IP telephony system. This technology is tailored to the needs of VSEs and SMEs, and offers highly competitive pricing plans for this type of organization. Let’s look at how Centrex works and the various plans offered.

A scalable and cost-effective cloud-based solution

A scalable and cost-effective cloud-based solution
Centrex is a cloud-based, hosted IP telephony system. It allows business users to enjoy all the technological advances in IP telephony by outsourcing their PBX to a service provider who has the hardware infrastructure needed to ensure that VoIP works smoothly. Because the PBX is hosted by the service provider, businesses are freed from all the financial burdens of maintaining and installing this hardware. What’s more, in this competitive market, the various providers have very attractive offers, providing businesses with a wide choice of options (e.g. unlimited, PAYG or bespoke plans). Centrex offers you much more than just an IP telephony subscription: it also provides an extensive range of scalable, high value-added features to help VSEs and SMEs boost their organization’s performance, including speech to text, voicemail to email, fax to email, company directories and conference calling.

 tailor-made solutions

Solutions tailored to your organization
The different plans offered with our Centrex VoIP solution can be easily scaled to the size of your business (SME or VSE). For the SME pro pack, three plans are available: PAYG, Pro and Pro+. These three plans (detailed on our website) will help you develop and improve your telephone communications according to your needs. Axialys’ Centrex solution is also suitable for VSEs. We can carry out a technical and financial audit of your telephony system to advise you on the most appropriate Centrex plan for your needs.

All in all, Centrex for SMEs and VSEs can give your organization a distinct competitive edge.

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