Caller number display

Caller number display

Show the number for incoming calls

Identify your caller before you answer by having their number displayed on your telephone.

Telesales is a common practice targeting both individuals and companies

Some calls can be a nuisance. Having the caller’s number displayed before you answer means you can recognise nuisance numbers and reject the call if necessary.

special numbers

Have telephone numbers displayed for easier interaction
It’s useful to be able to see a caller’s phone number if you don’t yet have their details as it helps you identify and record them more easily. This is a big help in sales, for example. It’s also useful for salespeople to be able to see a caller’s number so they can be identified. Salespeople can adapt how they answer the phone to each known caller.

This function is supplemented by the Axialys Web Call Back solution as the contact number will be displayed on the phone for a callback request. This means the sales team can adapt what they say before the conversation begins.

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More targeted information
As well as numbers, caller names and surnames can be displayed on your telephone. The Axialys Centrex directory (add link to the Directory function) enables you to record caller names, surnames and phone numbers so you can answer the phone knowing who you are about to speak to.

If the call is transferred you will have all caller details at hand. This means you can reject a transferred call, for example, if a telesales agent is on the line.

As well as identifying your caller, you can also choose to display your own name when you make an outgoing call. Thanks to Centrex you can display your number or choose to remain anonymous.

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