Call transfers

Call pickup and transfer

Call forwarding, pickup and transfer

Transfer or simply pick up a call if you’re absent or unavailable.

Call transfers allow you to transfer a call to another line

This feature is essential for those in charge of receiving calls, like operators, for example, one of whose main roles is to transfer calls

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Simple and fluid connection
Axialys offers a range of tools allowing you to transfer calls simply and quicily. You can transfer a call to a short number if you want to make an internal transfer, or to a long number if you want to make a call to an external number.

You can also use this feature when you receive a call to a landline in your office and need to travel, allowing you to transfer the call to your mobile so you can continue the call while on the move and without interrupting the conversation.


A call feature that can be configured to suit your needs
Call transfers from your work station can be made permanent. This is done through the call-forwarding function. You can forward calls directly to your telephone to receive calls from your landline to the number indicated.

Axialys’ Centrex solution lets you make this call-forwarding service permanent – using the solution – and for three specific cases:

  • Permanent forwarding
  • Forwarding if you’re unreachable, in the event that your telephone is unplugged, for example
  • Forwarding if there is no response, by indicating the secondary number before the call is forwarded

For each type of forwarding, you can choose to forward the number to a short number, a long number, a mobile, a landline, make it go straight to voicemail or have the call hang up immediately.

This forwarding service is useful if you are regularly required to travel and means that you need not miss a call if absent, whether you’re not at your work station or are travelling for business.

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