Call pick-up

Call pick-up

Intercept incoming calls and don’t miss a single call

Call pick-up allows you to answer calls to another line from your own telephone.

In this age of unified communications, telephone conversations are continuing to grow within organisations.

Businesses need effective and efficient tools to manage their telecommunications in an increasingly globalised world

Axialys therefore offers, as part of its Centrex VoIP package, a call pick-up feature


Intercepting calls has never been simpler
Call pick-up is an important function in the operation of a business.
It allows you to answer a call from another office from your own phone.

As part of our Centrex VoIP packages, the call pick-up feature offers many benefits for your organisation. Let’s have a look!


The advantages of call pick-up
First and foremost, with call pick-up you’ll never miss another call:

  • For switchboards: uphold your company’s good image by catching every important call. This ensures that customers do not feel abandoned, paving the way for productive discussions. Intercepting calls allows you to improve your communication.
  • For the sales department: so as not to miss any commercial offers from a prospective customer, you can take note of the reason for calling. In the event of a callback, you are therefore able to understand to your prospective customer’s expectations and requests.
  • On an organisational level: having some knowledge of the caller makes it easier for you to transfer them to the right person, thereby streamlining your communications.

Call pick-up therefore saves you time and money, making your business more productive. Furthermore, this feature is included in our Centrex VoIP packages. You can therefore benefit from other valuable tools (e.g. Speech to Text, Fax to Mail, etc.).

For more information, please contact our technical and sales teams.
They will be more than happy to respond to any requests you may have.

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