Call management

Call management

Call group management

Create groups of calls and manage your incoming and outgoing calls

Centrex by Axialys allows you to effectively manage incoming and outgoing calls

This management process can be operated simply from your solution interface.

Incoming calls

Incoming calls can be managed using call-group management:

Centrex’s management interface lets you create call groups.
These enable you to ring a group of telephones for the same caller. If you have a sales team, this lets you call all telephones in the sales team so you don’t miss a single call.

Incoming telephone calls can therefore be re-directed to several lines in the same department as different types of routing can be put in place:

  • Fixed: this allows you to call telephones one by one. If the first is not picked up, the next telephone will then ring, and so on.
  • Random: this allows you to call telephones randomly
  • Broadcast: this allows you to call all telephones at the same time

You can implement the call-interception feature.

outgoing calls

Outgoing calls can be managed using call-restriction:

You can manage outgoing calls by configuring your telephone solution to block:

  • Telephone calls to premium numbers
  • Calls using non-inclusive minutes in order to ensure that telephone bills are no higher than the price of your inclusive-minute packages

This lets you manage outgoing calls within your business. If someone does not use their line for business purposes, you can restrict external calls in order to monitor how it is used.

This restriction will allow you to carefully manage your telephone bills. The costs of your messages and telephone calls can be anticipated.

Centrex by Axialys therefore allows you to manage internal and external calls by having direct control of telephone usage and your telephone bill.

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