Business directory

Business directory

Directory management (staff and global: company LDAP)

Easily create and manage your business directory

One of the keys to business success is knowing exactly who make up the organisation.

This means that a business directory which is easy to access, configure and search is a major asset for any company.

Business directories save time and boost productivity. Directories integrated into Centrex can be extremely effective for a number of reasons.

Know thyself

A business directory for collective knowledge
“Know thyself” is a well-known adage from Greek philosopher Socrates. And indeed you do need to know yourself in order to progress. This philosophy is equally valid in business: companies need to be well aware of their members in order to prosper. The directory enables people to find out information about colleagues: name, surname, address, photo, contact details, etc. It is a useful resource which can be used to boost data flow within a company.

How does it work?

How does the business directory work?
The business directory is integrated with Centrex. Staff can search for basic data they need such as name, contact details, etc. and access more specific information. The directory shows each individual’s skills areas and role, making it easy to find the right person to help.


For greater responsiveness
To ensure a business directory represents a true competitive advantage, it must be clearly and precisely integrated into the organisation. Today, the most used directory isn’t a business one. In fact, it’s a conventional messenger instead of an intranet. However, intranets are more comprehensive and still tend to be developed by organisations.

Integrated with Centrex

Functionality fully integrated with Centrex
The business directory is integrated with Centrex and is a simple, fun and effective tool. This integration makes it an effective way to help staff members collaborate. The directory is more comprehensive and easier to access than a conventional messenger, making it of real benefit for companies. Do contact our teams for more information!

Our staff will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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