Operator consoles

Operator console

A single, personalised and memorable number:

Make efficiency gains using operator consoles combined with Axialys’ cloud solutions.

The PC-based operator console for managing calls directly from your browser

Improve the daily life of your call-centre operators with this PC-based operator console. This lets you transfer your calls and gives you an overview of the status of your contacts directly in your browser.

In the blink of an eye, a task-bar gives you information on your current call and on the status of your calls on hold. It also gives you access to your entire contact directory, enabling you to transfer each call in a single click.

The PC-based operator console
Extension consoles

Extension consoles to handle high numbers of calls

Discover extension consoles compatible with your telephone stations. These are modules that are particularly suited to operators and call-centre agents that manage high volumes of calls. The features of the extension consoles include a colour display, rapid dialling and intuitive call-forwarding.

And still…:

Number display

Number display:

With the Axialys operator console, you can identify your caller thanks to their name or contact record that appears directly on your screen. Your outgoing number can also be customised.

Reference console

A reference console:

Centralise your data by assigning a “source” telephone console through which all your calls are directed. This way you will avoid losing important calls due to an obsolete system or difficult management.


Customise your voice menus:

Choose an Interactive Voice Service (IVS) to enable you to select your hold music and customisable voice menus. Develop your sound identity and automate some of your incoming calls by directing your pre-communication calls.


Voicemail as an text file and MP3:

Have you missed an important call? Receive the voice-message content left by your caller directly in the form of an audio file and text transcription.

An HD service

An HD service:

Benefit from high-definition communications thanks to clear and fluid voice calls as well as high-definition for all your video calls (compatible equipment required).

Call transfers

Simple, optimised call transfers:

Easily pick-up and transfer calls that don’t seem to be reaching your colleagues by forwarding them to the number of your choice, with the option to let your colleagues know the reason for the call.

Thanks to this feature you can carefully transfer incoming calls to the right people, at the right time, while you save time!

Time management

Programming your schedule:

Thanks to this operator-console feature, automatically forward your calls to the number of your choice depending on the time and day on which your employees are available, with pre-set automatic routing.

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