Axialys Partners

Axialys Partners

Strong partnerships with key players in the telecom industry.

Over the years, Axialys has established strong relationships with French and international telecom operators, as well as manufacturers and quality-auditing firms:

Interconnection partners

In the telecom industry, selecting the right interconnections is a strategic choice, from both a qualitative and financial perspective. This is why Axialys has taken care to establish interconnections with the best-performing and most competitive players in the market.

Interconnection partners in France

In France, Axialys holds an L33-1 operator’s licence and has its own numbering resources, both non-geographic (08AB and 09) and geographic (01, 02, 03, 04, 05). Axialys has SS7 interconnections with the leading domestic carriers, Orange and SFR, for traffic collection and termination in France.

International interconnection partners

Axialys’ international traffic is carried by various foreign partners who handle a total capacity of around 1,000 simultaneous calls. In addition, international traffic is collected and terminated by some 20 carefully selected foreign carriers, including some of the leading players in the global marketplace.

Routing Management

A team of routing managers work continuously to monitor interconnection quality and routing performance, and identify any adjustments needed to ensure access to the best possible ‘information superhighways’.

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To ensure maximum quality, Axialys relies on the services of ip-label, an independent quality-auditing company which is ISO 9001: 2008 certified:

  • A global specialist in measuring the quality of digital services
  • More than 100 million measurements per day
  • 1,500 clients worldwide

Regular audits

The quality of calls managed on behalf of Axialys’ clients is regularly measured and assessed according to ip-label’s own stringent criteria.

Our rating: the most important criterion

ip-label provides metrics regarding audio quality and call routing. These numbers help Axialys achieve its objective of maintaining optimum audio quality at all times. Axialys’ results include high PESQ scores (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality).

Continuous improvement

The decision to regularly measure the quality of service stems from Axialys’ commitment to continuous improvement. By taking regular network snapshots, Axialys can constantly monitor and maintain the quality of its services

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3CX logo

In early 2015, Axialys and 3CX announced interoperability between Axialys’ SIP Trunk and the 3CX Phone System solution.

3CX is the developer of the 3CX Phone System communications platform, which is a virtual IP PBX software solution. 3CX has become a market leader in several countries.

Avaya logo

Avaya, the international specialist in enterprise communications.

From network administration to unified communications solutions, Avaya stands out with its range of innovative products and services designed to improve inter- and intra-company communications.

As a natural extension to Axialys’ SIP Trunk solution, Avaya’s telephone equipment (IP PBX and phones) completes Axialys’ Voice over IP offering.

Cisco logo

Axialys is a Cisco Select Certified Partner.

Cisco develops network hardware and collaborative solutions for companies worldwide. These include Cisco IP PABX systems, as well as telephones which integrate perfectly with Axialys’ SIP Trunk solution.

Expertise developed in-house ensures compatibility between Axialys’ SIP Trunk solution and Cisco equipment, to the benefit of the end-customer

Alcatel Lucent Entreprise logo

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has certified Axialys’ SIP Trunking solution as being fully compatible with its OmniPCX Enterprise system.

After extensive testing, teams from both companies were able to announce that their solutions are interoperable, once again confirming the expertise of Axialys’ teams and the work undertaken to provide the best possible SIP service.

Axialys’ SIP Trunking solution relies on efforts to select the best routes, as well as a commitment to ensuring continuity of service.

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APNF (French Association for Fixed Number Portability)

Axialys is a member of the APNF (French Association for Fixed Number Portability), an association of operators which aims to simplify the process for fixed number portability.

What is number portability?

Number portability is the ability of a customer to keep their telephone number when switching from one service provider to another.

Simplifying the portability process opens up the market and improves competitive conditions between operators.

To find out more about your number portability with Axialys: Keep your numbers without disrupting your service

Two separate cases to consider for portability:

  • Geographic numbers (01, 02, 03, 04, 05): the subscriber must stay within the geographic area associated with each number type.
  • Non-geographic (09) and special numbers (08): these numbers are freely portable within a given country.

APNF activities

The APNF brings together a number of operators and has created a database containing all the information required for transferring numbers. Consequently, since its inception in 2009, the details needed to transfer numbers between carriers have been stored centrally.

ARCEP, the French telecom regulator, requires carriers to support number portability.

Axialys’ commitment

Axialys is an APNF member and its information system interfaces directly with the APNF in order to facilitate number transfers.

Axialys also aims to go beyond the confines of its commercial activities by ensuring that customers’ number portability requests are processed as swiftly as possible – regardless of their carrier.

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SVA+ association

SVA+ association

Axialys is also a member of SVA+, which brings together associations representing telecom operators and providers of value-added service (i.e. voice services offering high-quality content to users).

In France, SVA+ has replaced the CST (Advisory Board for Information and Communications Technology) and the CTA (Independent Committee for Information and Communications Technology). The former was responsible for defining codes of practice, while the latter was tasked with enforcing them.

These two organizations were originally established when the telecom market was opened up.

Key responsibilities :

The SVA+ association was founded in 2012 and includes representatives of telecom operators and value-added service providers, which are divided into their respective groups.

Its work focuses on two main areas:

  • Defining the ethical framework for value-added services,
  • Define the communication strategy for these services.

Advisor to ARCEP (the French telecom regulator)

The SVA+ association is regularly consulted by the French telecom regulator, ARCEP, and they jointly work on the challenges, issues and developments surrounding value-added services.


In early 2014, Michaël Doliner, Axialys’ CEO, was elected chairman of the SVA+ association by his peers.

Axialys’ commitment

As an APNF member, Axialys is required to participate in all SVA+ meetings. This is consistent with Axialys’ commitment and core values: clarity of services offered, fair competition, and improving practices are important issues for Axialys.

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