Business Case: Teezily

Discover how Teezily uses our Voice Management solution for the management of its multilingual and multi-country call platforms


Customer presentation

Teezily is a free platform for the design and sale of clothing by private individuals. The start-up was created in 2013 with the vision that each individual, group or even organisations could offer their personalised clothing designs for sale.

Issues & challenges

Experiencing strong growth, Teezily had to overcome various professional challenges with regard to the need to integrate voice support within its media, with a view to rounding off its customer relations strategy:

  • The search for a service provider that could overcome the challenges regarding the management of multilingual and multi-country call flows.
  • The desire to control management, configuration and statistical tools that are inherent to the management of an offshore call center, in real time
  • The search for a service provider that is interfaced with ZenDesk
  • The need for a reliable and responsive partner for the management of the customer relationship, within a context of growth

Designed for complete integration with business applications, Voice Management by Axialys has been simply integrated with Zendesk. Deployment takes less than 3 weeks.

Our Voice Management solution

Our solution

Voice Management is a Cloud Call Center solution equipped with three interfaces (Administrator-Supervisor-Operator) designed to manage incoming and outgoing call flows in complete simplicity.

Conceived to integrate with various business applications, Voice Management offers users flexibility and agility, providing a 360-degree customer overview.

“To sum up the relationship with Axialys in a few words,
I would say: responsiveness, flexibility, reliability, a human side and advice. “

Ana FERNANDES, Head of Customer Success at Teezily

Ana Fernandes Head of Customer Success at Teezily



Speed & ease of implementation of the tool

  • A project deployed within 2-3 weeks
  • A team dedicated to the installation of the tool
Ease of use

Transparency and outsourced management of the contact center

  • Remote and real-time monitoring of the call flow in the 13 countries managed by Teezily
  • Comprehensive overview of the call platforms with detailled statistics
Quality monitoring

Monitoring of the service

  • Human support and consulting service
  • Solving of specific problems

Ergonomics and ease of use of the tool