Business Case: MonDocteur

Discover how MonDocteur uses our Voice Management solution to manage its customer service


About MonDocteur:

MonDocteur is the leading e-health platform, offering online appointment scheduling and an online health record.
The purpose of the platform is to simplify and streamline the care pathway using digital tools.
To date, MonDocteur has 11,000 subscribing practitioners, with more than 2 million appointments managed each month.


Within a context in which anticipating and enhancing interactions with consumers has become essential, MonDocteur is committed to offering its users – both practitioners and patients alike – an outstanding service. With an average of 300 calls per day, MonDocteur places the management of the customer relationship at the heart of its development strategy.

MonDocteur is committed to offering its users an outstanding service.

The main areas for improvement concern:

  • Statistics-based management and supervision of customer service:
    the solution previously in place did not allow for customer service-specific management, which rendered the implementation of corrective measures null and void
  • Reduction of the time spent waiting in queues & improvement of the pick-up rate:
    in spite of an increased workforce, the pick-up rate had stagnated at 85%
  • Improvement of sound quality:
    communication was impaired by poor sound quality and dropped calls
  • The search for a solution ultimately led to Zendesk:
    MonDocteur wanted to equip itself with a flexible tool that could be completely integrated with their ticketing tool

“On of the main reasons [for the choice of service provider], is that I saw myself in the way the company operates. I had the impression that at Axialys you truly adapt to suit the customer and you even make your product evolve based on the feedback you receive.”

Sarah Coste, MonDocteur Customer Service Manager

Sarah Coste, MonDocteur Customer Service Manager

The response from Axialys:

After just a few months of your, concrete results have been recorded:


Voice quality

  • A resolve to make changes regarding communication
  • The complete disappearance of complaints from callers regarding sound quality
  • A team that is satisfied with the sound quality and convenience offered by Axialys Voice Management

Significant impact on KPIs

  • The pick-up rate has rapidly increased from 85 to 95% among their professional healthcare customers
  • With a 100% rate of response to prospective customers
  • The call-back functionality (the ability for a caller to be called back following a long wait in the queue) has enabled the average customer waiting time to be reduced to around 10 seconds

Overall business management

  • Complete integration with Zendesk
  • A 360° view of the customer path
  • Ease of use and ergonomics, with a unique work interface for agents (Voice Management + Zendesk)