Business Case: Interflora

Discover how Interflora uses our Push SMS Pro platform as a supplement to boost its retention rates, marketing activation and new customer acquisition.


About the client

Interflora has been the leading flower delivery service for more than 70 years, working with 45,000 florist partners in 145 countries. In France, Interflora draws on a network of 5,200 local florists delivering no less than 1.7 million bouquets a year.

Underlying objectives

Interflora wanted to incorporate text messaging into their CRM strategy. Axialys’s Push SMS Pro platform was an obvious choice to:

  • Supplement the marketing activation strategy with text messaging
  • Provide a high ROI option (for acquisition and retention)
  • Be able to test the approach in real time using the “test and learn” function.

“There are several reasons for our ongoing satisfaction: the product is reliable. On a day to day basis, our teams can work autonomously and flexibly.”

Cyrille Kittel, Interflora Marketing and E-Commerce Director

Cyrille Kittel, Interflora Marketing and E-Commerce Director


In the course of a year Interflora gradually integrated text messaging into its activation strategy to strengthen client engagement and boost acquistion. Interflora sent customers a promotional offer for Mothers’ Day 2016 and loyalty incentives developing a meaningful (budding) relationship with customers.

Marketing campaign

Marketing campaign

  • Test: Mothers’ Day 2016
  • Routine text messaging for all occasions when flowers are sent


  • Delivery confirmation sent to supplier
  • Routine text messages for delivery notifications (supplier/customer)
Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty

  • Coordinating the customer network
  • Implementing a long term strategy to coordinate and strengthen customer relationships (e.g. sending a reminder on the anniversary of the previous purchase)

Key stages in the project



  • Analysing needs
  • Advice
  • Devising a bespoke solution
  • Training
  • Dedicated member of staff


  • Hosted management interface
  • Optimal deliverability rates
  • Configuration
  • Optimal SMS routing


  • User-friendly
  • Multifunctional
  • Intuitive
  • Teams can work autonomously