SMS: the number 1 tool for your customer relationships

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Whether you need an SMS marketing or notification campaign, we support businesses to optimise their customer relationships.

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SMS: The most important ROI channel

SMS has become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses, not only allowing you to reach clients and prospective customers at any moment, but also giving you numerous advantages in terms of purchasing, retention and ROI.

60% 3min 97% 80%
Memory recall rate for SMS Average time taken to read a message after receipt SMS read by users Users in favour of receiving SMS from their favourite brands

source: Arcep, Insee

Who is SMS marketing for and what does it do?

SMS is a unique, premium support tool for communicating with your clients. The advantage with SMS is that it can cover several objectives, from a marketing campaign for gaining new clients through to localised events and improving client relations.



Sending SMS notifications is a widespread direct marketing solution which has the advantage that it can be personalised by the client.

SMS notification allows the client to be made aware of the availability of a product, track the status of an order or delivery and even to send an authentication code to protect their account.

In other words, SMS notification enables instant interaction with the client at every stage of the purchasing process.

SMS is a must-have for e-businesses desiring to stay in contact with their clients and weave a tighter relationship with them in the aim of generating loyalty.

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SMS is also an excellent promotional tool given that advertisers can send discount vouchers or promotional offers via SMS.

SMS is an exceptional tool when it comes to increasing traffic at your points of sale, whether they are physical or online. With a reading rate of up to 98%, the impact can be 10 times greater than mail.

Giveaways aimed at offering prizes are also an excellent way to launch or promote a product.

Finally, SMS can be used to inform clients about your latest new offerings including website links or demonstration clips.

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SMS is also widely used to send alerts to clients. This could be to remind or confirm a previously booked appointment with a doctor, bank advisor, mechanic or even a restaurant reservation.

SMS alerts provide a feeling of comfort for your clients and allow you to stand out from the competition.

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Maintain a close relationship with your clients and personalise your mailouts to give you the edge over your competitors.
A client’s birthday can be a great occasion to send him or her your wishes via SMS and strengthen the connection that you have with the client.

This is an excellent way to make the client remember you.

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Get more out of your content using SMS: you can monetize certain digital content through sending a one-time digital authentication code.
This practice is becoming increasingly more common, especially in the areas of online news or specialised classified ads.

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The Axialys SMS solution: Push SMS Pro

Simple and intuitive

The Push SMS Pro platform from Axialys is based on the idea of being simple and intuitive, as the solution is controlled exclusively through an online interface. Its numerous functions allow you to meet the needs of your clients.

Manage your campaigns independently

You can effectively manage your SMS campaigns from the interface, ensuring that all your SMS will be received on time and in the desired format.

Personalise your mailouts

You can personalise and adapt SMS for your situation from the SMS platform using the customisation fields:

  • Long SMS (up to 700 characters),
  • Immediate or deferred dispatch,
  • Sender personalisation (“Sender ID”),
  • Import/export contact lists,
  • Option to send SMS via email or FTP,
  • Response management
  • ”Stop” management
  • Online account top-up
Manage your campaigns in real time

Manage your campaigns in real time

Using the interface, you have access to real time status reports (received, pending, not delivered) as well as a range of detailed statistics.

The solution works exclusively via a client interface, allowing you to choose different parameters relating to SMS dispatch.

The HTTP API for the Axialys Push SMS Pro solution allows full adaptation for the existing system, such as setting the issue criteria from your information system, integrating customisable fields, data base calls etc.

A simple, clear notification will guide you through customising the solution for your information service.

As a final note, you can send SMS to more than 200 countries. Push SMS Pro uses the best SMS routes available at any given moment to direct your SMS mailouts in total confidence ensuring optimal deliverability.

Why should you choose the Push SMS Pro solution from Axialys?

The Alain Afflelou group uses Push SMS Pro

Virginie Roubi – Co-founder

As a lead player in the online sale of contact lenses to individuals, share their experience and highlight the benefits that the Axialys Push SMS Pro system brings.

Partnership & Distribution

Our Push SMS Pro platform is available as a special agreement for Axialys partners and distributors.

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