Rich SMS Solution for businesses

Send Rich SMS messages

What’s the point of Rich SMS?

Contact your customers and prospects directly by sending them a Rich SMS message. These messages contain a short link to a landing page or smartphone-friendly web app.

The benefit? As well as providing a more exciting user experience, you can get around character limits and access advanced tracking tools.

Generate traffic at your points of sale by offering exclusive in-store promotions via Rich SMS.

Develop your multichannel strategy by sending Rich SMS messages which direct customers to your social media pages for promotional or information campaigns.

Axialys SMS tracking tools

Analyse and manage your campaigns

With specific Rich SMS tracking tools you can access in-depth statistics to help you assess exactly how effective your campaigns have been: click rate, geolocation, target achievement rate, power user identification, etc. This data will help you analyse consumer behaviour and boost engagement!

Axialys Short URL

Synthesise your information

Forget long URLs which send consumers running for the hills and instead use short, concise URLs in your Rich SMS messages. This is also how to get around the SMS 160-character limit!

Give your customers a personalised experience

Your customers, market and ecosystem are constantly developing. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and don’t take the time to read every little detail. Meet their expectations by giving them rich and interactive content in a compact and direct format

With Rich SMS, you can personalise messages in different ways. You can add a range of functions to create a relevant interactive experience: online games, GPS directions, tailored product recommendations, etc. Be creative and enrich your Pro SMS messages to capture the receiver’s attention!

You can also give them a quick and simple way to unsubscribe by texting STOP SMS.

Rich SMS messages can be used to great effect for a wealth of occasions: sales, special promotions, birthdays, competitions, etc. Surprise people and boost your chances of conversion.

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