Click to Call: 1 internet user = 1 potential buyer!

Axialys' Click to Call solution

WebAppel, Axialys’ Click to Call solution, is an essential tool for a web acquisition strategy.

Based on a simple idea, Click to Call allows you to create a direct link with your users in real time.

It offers communication via a simple click and is free for the internet user!

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Click to Call: one solution, several uses!

Offer your visitors the chance to be contacted in real time

Potential customers: boost your conversion rate by using the phone channel

Site performance: insert tracking tags and measure the conversion rate of the pages on your site

Abandoned transactions: reassure your potential customers when buying online

Customer experience: live browsing help, instant and free information for potential customers about your products/services

A site which is more user-friendly & interactive for visitors

Databases and identifying potential customers: excellent tool for building databases through contact forms

Your visitors can ask to be called back, free of charge, via your website.

WebAppel, the Web Call Back solution from Axialys

WebAppel, the Web Call Back solution from Axialys, is a simple concept: you can integrate an unlimited number of instant call back buttons on your site with which to connect a visitor to your sales department or customer service, immediately or later and for free.

Easy to roll out (a few lines of code to integrate as part of your site), WebAppel is incredibly simple to set up.

You can switch from a standard set up to a totally customised set up by adapting the instant call back buttons and windows to your needs.

So you can adapt your buttons according to your graphic charter. With our API, you can customise the instant call back buttons and windows: graphic charter, displayed number, audio messages, call forwarding, managing time slots and bank holidays, etc.

Resolutely intuitive, Axialys’ Web Call Back solution is also focused on efficiency and ROI: you can access detailed statistical reports to optimise your profitability and conversion rates.

1 site, 1 instant call back button, 1 new qualified lead.

Once your immediate call back buttons are included on your site, the visitor can contact you in a few clicks:

Stage 1:

The visitor clicks and fills in the initial fields. Axialys’ Click to Call solution offers a design which integrates and adapts to any set up.

The menu to fill in information can be customised to suit your needs (name, email address, business activity or size of company, etc).

The only required field in the contact form is the phone number of the person who wants to be called back.

Stage 2:

You want to be called back

You want to be called back:

The visitor asks to be called back immediately or in X minutes.

Axialys can adapt the solution to your needs.

The initial fields, the methods with which to put visitors in contact, etc., are fully customisable. In addition, Web Call Back is an open solution, allowing you to adapt call back buttons and windows to your graphic charter (thanks to an API)!

It can also be integrated as a white label service.

Test the Click to Call solution – ask to be called back by Axialys

Be called back

A dedicated & secure interface

Click to Call has many features which adapt to your needs.

Time management

Time management

Manage time slots (opening/closing) and bank holidays



Group of agents and distribution (imposed, cascade, random).



Mailbox and sounds (on hold).



Manage call back attempts (every X minutes).



Enjoy detailed statistics: call volumes, origins, records…



Enabling you to interface any information system with the WebAppel platform.

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