Enhance your marketing programmes with Call Tracking

Call Tracking: simple & efficient

Ensure a return on your marketing investment with Call Tracking

  • Online & Offline: call-tracking measures the effectiveness of your marketing channels
  • Track your calls to get the most out of your programmes
  • Prove to your clients that your lead generation strategy is the best
  • Monitor your acquisition programmes and optimise your marketing spend.

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Call Tracking: simple & efficient

Call Tracking simple et efficace

Call-Tracking functions

Real-time monitoring of your programme performance.

Professional customised Home Page

SVA, 09 and geographical numbers are available for you to choose from. Self-provisioning allows you to decide which numbers you want to dedicate to which communication tools. A voice service ensures a professional image and personalised customer support.

Call management

The Call-tracking platform features a variety of functions, regardless of whether the call has been answered or not.

When a call is received, the following functions are available:

  • the call is handled by an automatic voice message: “this call is being transferred by xxx”
  • the caller is connected with the person called
  • information about the caller is sent: time, date, the number dialled, the caller’s number, geographical details

in the event of a missed or unanswered call, you will receive:

  • a list of missed and unanswered calls
  • a missed call SMS alert
  • an email with an attachment including the message which was left on the voice mail in MP3 format
  • the details of the caller who made the missed call: the caller’s number, the number called, geographical details

La solution de Call to Tracking d’Axialys

Detailed statistics and a management interface

Manage your activity autonomously on the Call-Tracking platform. You also have access to numerous statistics which will assist you to focus and optimise your campaigns by directing your budget into the best-performing channels and tools.

Call-tracking with dynamic number insertion

For customers with access to large volumes of numbers (such as, for example, small ad editors) we present a platform with dynamic phone number insertion, also known as call-tracking. In this way, our clients are assured of an available pool of numbers which have been set for a limited period of time.

The API allows the dynamic insertion of these numbers into the communication tools according to different criteria, including: the page visited, the geographical location of the person browsing, the key words used in the search …

Potential uses of Call Tracking according to your requirements:

Editor: you need to make value-adds work for you in terms of visibility and to generate new leads among your customers.

Advertiser: you want to compare different communication sources in order to improve your investment.

Track your calls

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