Integrate Voice Management with Zendesk

Find out more about Voice Management for Zendesk users and offer customers a 360° experience

Voice Management is Axialys’s Cloud Call Center package

We’ve been providing a Cloud Call Center package called Voice Management for several years now. It enables all call centers to manage incoming and outgoing call traffic.

Voice Management links in to key customer service products such as Zendesk, making it a tool with great added value for both customers and partners.

Do you use Zendesk?

Voice Management is designed with you in mind!

Axialys’s Voice Management fully integrates with Zendesk for added value and productivity.

Voice Management makes your agents’ work easier

Is there a call center agent out there who doesn’t wish they could focus on adding value?
The job is all about responding to customers, providing the right answer at the right time and creating a trusting partnership between the company and its consumers.

Voice Management/Zendesk integration provides your operators with a range of functions:

Displaying the operator toolbar and ticket pop-up for incoming calls

When your call center receives an incoming call, the Axialys toolbar appears on the Zendesk interface automatically. With Computer Telephony Integration the ticket linked to the customer who is calling will appear on the screen. The agent does not need to switch over to another system or search for the ticket relating to the customer: everything is automatically integrated with the existing day to day tool, Zendesk.

Displaying the operator toolbar and Zendesk ticket pop-up

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Automatic Zendesk ticket generation

Automatic Zendesk ticket generation if the caller is not known.

Axialys’s Voice Management automatically generates Zendesk forms to increase productivity. When the customer is not in your database, a Zendesk ticket will automatically be generated. As a result, the agent does not need to spend time doing this.

Your agents can work straight out of Zendesk and make use of all of the Voice Management features including:

  • Putting calls on hold
  • Ending calls

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Call history on Zendesk

Your call center call history will automatically be recorded in Zendesk. Your calls can all be found in one place.

When the call is over, all of the call data will be linked to the corresponding Zendesk ticket. This makes it possible to find the time, length and location of the call as well as a recording of it.

Call history on Zendesk

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In a world where (almost) everything is “just a click away”, using the Voice Management toolbar to make calls is child’s play.

Agents can call any of your Zendesk contacts with just one click.

No need to find the number, dial it or check the digits: click-to-call is the way to go!

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Find us on Zendesk App Marketplace!

You can get Axialys’s Voice Management App on Zendesk App Marketplace: we developed this integration so that you could easily use both products.

Find us on Zendesk App Marketplace

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