Find out how Voice Management works

IVR, ACD, CTI: find out how Voice Management works

What is Voice Management?

Axialys’s Voice Management service manages incoming and outgoing call center traffic.

Voice Management intuitively manages all customer interactions in one place and provides a simple way for call center managers to oversee activity.

The Axialys Voice Management package is flexible and easy to install and use. It also provides detailed statistics for call center staff. Supervisors are able to monitor call center performance. Call agents increase productivity.

How does it work?

Axialys’s Voice Management is an aggregation of three technologies that are essential in all call centers. The package combines:

  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response
  • ACD – Automatic Call Distributor
  • and CTI, Computer Telephony Integration.

IVR, Interactive Voice Response, manages queues and work schedules so you can set out specific operating times (days when closed, bank holidays), to identify your customers’ enquiry or prompt them to provide their order number. The interface with your IT system enables you to gather data so you can greet people and identify queries in advance. You can then provide a tailored response. What’s more IVS gives your company a professional feel.

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ACD, Automatic Call Distributor, enables you to dispatch calls. ACD will direct your callers towards the relevant operator according to priority, professional skills, availability or linguistic ability.

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CTI enables personalised interaction with callers by making customers’ information available when the call is taken. Because it interfaces with your IT system, CTI provides operators with customer information on the screen as soon as they pick up a call.

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Axialys’s Voice Management system makes your customer services more professional. Customers experience high quality services and call centers can oversee performance.