Voice Management for administrators

The Administrator interface configures and customises Axialys Voice Management

Administrators can adapt Voice Management according to their needs

The administrator can configure the whole package. Real time statistics enable Voice Management to meet your call center’s needs.

Allocate operators to groups according to their competencies

The administrator interface configures your call center to meet customer and organisation needs using:



Set up as many groups as you need to deal with issues: countries where you have a presence, different departments within your company…



Create groups and then allocate operators according to their competencies. Operators can belong to several groups and you can prioritise which calls they take.



Select one or several supervisors to oversee the call center using the dashboard. Alerts can also be set up in order to be more responsive.

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Give the right image to current and prospective customers

First impressions, whether with current or prospective customers, are important. Get it right with:

The best possible welcome

Give callers the best possible welcome:

Set up ACD to direct customers towards the best group to deal with their issues. Set up queues to inform callers of waiting times or of their position in the queue



Configure the customer’s entire route through the call center based on the tone put out when the operator takes the call. You can also set up time windows

Good voice quality

Optimal voice quality:

Configure a trunk so that there are different voice messages for different time windows. This provides the best possible welcome for current and prospective customers.

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Take the pressure off your call center

Anticipate peak call times by allocating working operators in advance using:


Limits and alerts:

Put limits in place in order to avoid the number of calls outweighing the number of operators: once limits are exceeded, pop-up or e-mail alerts will be activated.



All of the call center data is available in tables on the Administrator interface. These can be sorted into periods. You will then be able to identify peak times, establish which groups are involved and put the right amount of operators in place to redress the situation.

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Select Voice Management to increase performance and it will become a customer services asset.