The SIP Trunking proposal for IP PBX

Enjoy the advantages of intelligent and on-the-spot call flow management and configure your IP PBX for your business.

  • Keep your IP PBX
  • Manage large call volumes
  • Control your business in a fully transparent manner
  • Enjoy the benefits of selective interconnectivity
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The Axialys SIP Trunking proposal

The Axialys SIP Trunking proposal

As an IP Trunk service provider, Axialys offers clients equipped with IP PBX and an ad hoc internet connection, access to large call volumes anywhere in the world with exceptional technical conditions. All call destinations – A to Z termination – are covered in order to suit all types of contact centres.

A powerful interface configuration tool, extranet access provides complete management and supervision of the IP flow. The administration of client accounts and SIP accounts is made easy with the Axialys IP Trunk solution.

SIP Trunking: A simple solution that does not require any hardware investment

Do you already have an IP PBX which you do not want to replace?

No hardware investment is required. The Axialys solution is compatible with all types of telephony equipment.

  • 3CX
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
The Axialys SIP Trunking proposal

Never lose a call again

Manage the number of simultaneous calls

Defining, allocating or changing capabilities across one or more physical sites might be of critical importance to avoid losing a single call. With the control interface, it is now possible to follow and configure correctly the call capacity (number of channels) – so that you will not lose a single call.

In general terms, the Axialys global technical infrastructure allows you to receive all kinds of call flow volumes on the network, thereby guaranteeing outstanding service continuity.

Control your business activity real time.

Real-time statistics

Your telephone activity requires constant monitoring, even close surveillance, when you are using IP Trunk.

Push statistics, real-time flow views and reports are available to assist decision-makers in their control of the Trunk tool. The proposed tool, therefore, allows you not only to “view”, but also to “do”.

Exercise real-time control
Perfect quality

Towards perfect quality

Using the best network operators

Sensitive to audio equipment issues, the IP Trunk solution is based upon call routing paths selected by experts for their reliability and quality.

This competency involves real technical gymnastics which have been mastered by a team of “routing managers” who are constantly monitoring the best routing paths – at the best prices.

Interconnected with France-Telecom Orange, SFR and twenty international operators, our network operates within a reliable and stable environment.

In order to guarantee continued quality for its clients, the Axialys IP Trunk solution is constantly evaluated and guaranteed by an independent body, IP-Label. This evaluation, at the request of Axialys itself, is proof of the ongoing Axialys vision to provide only the very best solutions for its clients.

SIP Trunking for IP PBX

Do you own IP equipment that you do not want to replace?

Axialys offers an adapted “Full IP” solution which allows you to keep your equipment. Please contact one of our consultants for more information.

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