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The PSTN (public switched telephone network) is the legacy fixed-line telephone network implemented by Orange (formerly France Telecom) in the 1980s.

This PSTN relies on circuit switching (and the famous ‘T’ socket) to transmit voice data for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

From 2018, Orange plans to gradually phase out its legacy network.

If your company uses a traditional telephone system (PABX), you can already plan ahead for the phase-out of PSTN by migrating to a state-of-the-art Voice over IP solution such as Axialys’ Centrex.

PSTN phase-out

Timetable for the PSTN phase-out

On 18 February 2016, Orange announced its intention to gradually phase out the legacy network used to transmit phone calls, namely its PSTN (public switched telephone network).

This will be a two-stage process:

  1. Discontinuation of new PSTN connections
    This will occur simultaneously throughout France:
    • from the fourth quarter of 2018 for analogue lines
    • from the fourth quarter of 2019 for basic digital lines (ISDN)
  2. Gradual disconnection of existing PSTN lines
    This technical shutdown will involve decommissioning PSTN switching equipment. This project will be scheduled over several years, based on a sequence of geographic areas. Orange must give advance notice at least 5 years before each of these areas is due to be shutdown.

Why? Because the equipment is becoming obsolete.

The PSTN phase-out is an integral part of Orange’s network upgrade programme, as the company believes that the long-term sustainability of its legacy telephone network will be challenged in the coming years.

The switched telephone system relies on ageing equipment whose components are no longer being manufactured. As this technology becomes more obsolete, the network itself will become increasingly difficult to maintain. Continuing to operate this network could lead to significant malfunctions and even service outages.

However, this doesn’t mean that the fixed-line telephone service will cease to exist – quite the contrary, in fact, as this service will continue to be provided via state-of-the-art VoIP networks.

Furthermore, a study by Arcep, the French telecoms regulator, shows that the quality of Voice over IP phone services is as good as, or better than that of PSTN phone services. (source: Observatory of the electronic communications market in France, 2nd quarter 2015).

equipment becoming obsolete

Opt for a tailored, flexible solution: Axialys’ Centrex

For businesses, Axialys’ Centrex solution provides an alternative technology to PSTN, allowing you to migrate to a VoIP communication system. As well as offering you enhanced features, it also helps you optimize and streamline your communications infrastructure, which will ultimately make you save money.

On the one hand, you’ll streamline your costs by fully outsourcing the management of your phone system to your operator. The Centrex solution is hosted entirely by Axialys, which frees you from any maintenance and upgrade expenses.

In addition, you’ll enjoy access to the wide range of scalable features included in all our plans: fixed-mobile convergence, voicemail messages transcribed and sent by email, sending and receiving faxes via your email inbox, and much more…

The PSTN phase-out provides a unique opportunity to review your telecoms options and choose tools better-suited to your needs. Opt for reliability, performance and cost-savings: migrate to Axialys’ Centrex solution.
We offer a range of flexible plans: pay-as-you-go, unlimited or customized.

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