Professional telephone services for IT directors

How Axialys’s Centrex system works for IT directors

Discover how Centrex’s features and benefits can optimise how an IT department manages information systems.

IT directors are responsible for information technology and information systems that support the business’s objectives. The role requires an innovative and collaborative approach. It includes managing the IT budget and motivating staff in the department.

The business’s competitive edge is largely dependent upon its IT systems and therefore IT directors must oversee all of the company’s technical elements while managing costs.

Even if managing the company’s telephone system does fall within an IT director’s remit, analogue telephone systems have numerous constraints.

Installing a new telephone line can take time and the IT director’s key function is to ensure the business is running smoothly. The Centrex telephone system has made that task so much easier.

Features and functionalities for IT directors

IT Directors face many challenges: providing collaborative tools for staff, optimising working conditions, meeting the needs of a fragmented workforce that needs to be mobile (across several sites). Centrex makes this considerably easier.

The Centrex approach is easy to roll out, reliable, flexible, adaptive and has a wide range of applications. As a result IT directors can manage the company’s telephone systems more quickly and effectively while introducing new services adapted to the modern office environment. Here are some of the main features and functions that make life easier for IT directors:

Easy to implement and flexible to use

Easy to implement and flexible to use

Choosing Centrex means handing over the task of installing a complex telephone system to an operator or manager while maintaining functional control of employees’ services. Because the operator hosts Centrex, the IT director is not restricted as would be the case with a private switchboard installation.

Centrex also offers greater flexibility in terms of creating tailor-made solutions for the company: consumption-based pricing or unlimited communications packages as well as optional services.

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Quality and security

Centrex now provides optimal communications performance. Axialys uses access links to ensure this.

They directly link your sites with Axialys’s operating network. This ensures high voice quality as well as a completely secure connection.

Axialys runs the Centrex service from two separate local sites in Ile-de-France: this means clients have a back-up service if one site were to completely fail.

Quality and security

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Can be managed independently

Can be managed independently

Centrex allows the IT director to use a web interface to set up and oversee a wide range of functionalities and advanced services remotely. A telephone line can very easily be assigned to a new user or withdrawn. Services can be activated on behalf of the company (such as unified messaging) and this can be done very quickly. The IT director benefits from Centrex functions such as:

  • Managing directories (both personal and company LDAP):
    The functionality makes creating and managing company telephone directories and contacts lists easy. It will sort entries by department, share them with users and configure calls based on preferences.

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Economic benefits

Centrex enables the IT director to manage all telephone systems related costs and therefore convince administrative and financial departments of the importance of a non disruptive service for business productivity. The IT director is responsible for cost optimisation as well as technical issues.

An outsourced switchboard can prove to be a real strategic and financial advantage for IT directors. In the past, subcontractors would be called upon to fix technical problems. But with Centrex IT directors no longer have to budget for upkeep and maintenance to be provided by a specific company.

Economic benefits

Centrex functions include:

  • Managing taxation:
    This function enables the IT director to streamline costs by accessing detailed bills. The telecommunications bill itself costs less because of the low charge rate and monthly payment plan.
  • Managing call restrictions:
    The IT director can opt to restrict telephone use by managing outgoing calls. This can prevent employees inappropriately calling premium rate numbers, foreign countries or mobiles (if the company has a contract which restricts calls to mobiles).

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The way a company uses its telecommunications system is always evolving and the IT director needs to constantly monitor this to enable users to make the best possible use of company tools. Updating the software base must always be an option. Centrex makes a strong case for this. It provides employees with innovative convergence services such as:

FaxToMail and WebToFax

FaxToMail and WebToFax:

These functions, which can be set up via the Centrex administrative interface, allow the user to receive faxes in pdf format by e-mail: FaxToMail and to send faxes from a computer: WebToFax.

The IT director therefore no longer requires the conventional photocopier.

Unified messaging

Unified messaging:

Employees benefit from accessing all of their messages, faxes, e-mails and voicemail via a single number which is accessible on the management interface. Centrex is a mature technology that continues to be enhanced with new, innovative functionalities. As such it provides multiple tools that add value for users (Softphone), and create the ideal environment for a mobile, productive workforce.

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Centrex increases productivity and provides a competitive edge

Centrex provides the IT director with tangible ways to independently manage telephone systems and implement IT strategies that adapt to new ways of working. This provides colleagues with tools that evolve alongside the company and give it a competitive edge.

Discover a new generation of telephone systems.

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