Relocation of a business telephone system

Discover our Centrex solution and simplify the process of relocating your corporate telephone system

Relocating your telephone system

Planning a move to new premises?

Whatever the reason behind your decision – development of your business, current location unsuitable or excessively high costs – the process of relocating a business is something that needs to be planned months in advance if it is to become a genuine opportunity for growth and development.

As well as a list of important tasks to complete before the move, and to ensure your business is able to continue its activity smoothly and uninterrupted, the corporate telephone system also needs to be one of the primary considerations.

Our team is at your service to help you manage the process of migrating your telephone system.

Available immediately and without interruption

The Centrex solution has been developed around a cloud-based technology This means you can start using the telephone system as soon as you move into your new premises. Axialys actually completes the installation of your new phones remotely as soon as an internet connection is available.

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Secure deployment of your telephone system

Deploying a Centrex telephone system enables you to delegate the responsibility for dealing with security issues to your service provider. This means you no longer have to concern yourself about the security flaws that currently exist in the IP market.

Additionally, as part of the deployment process, Axialys takes care of ensuring your existing numbers and lines are smoothly transferred with no interruption to service. There are in fact no telephone number changes involved when you migrate to a Centrex solution; you simply keep the ones you already have.

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The flexibility of the Centrex solution

The flexibility Centrex provides means you can adapt your system and increase or reduce the number of lines as your team’s needs change, without risk or the need for external intervention. All that’s required is the addition or removal of the line subscription via the Centrex management interface. Furthermore, all the features Centrex offers are accessible to all users, no matter what the package chosen.

Future upgradability of the Centrex solution

The Axialys technical team is working all the time on developing new features. This means that once a new feature is deployed, it is immediately introduced into the solution. Users are notified of new developments by email. Depending on your needs, you can either purchase the telephones or rent them. This means you will have complete administrative autonomy via a centralised interface.

An economical solution

The Centrex solution ensures that your costs remain transparent Because the tariffs are known in advance, you have complete control over your budgets. This enables you to considerably reduce your communication costs and frees you of the costs associated with infrastructure and maintenance.

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Personalised support and assistance

A dedicated team works by your side throughout the process of completing the installation of your telephone system when you move premises.

No matter what equipment you currently have installed, we will set up a personalised programme of support and assistance to manage the migration of your telephone system to a Centrex solution.

Enjoy peace of mind when relocating your corporate telephone system